what a weekend

friday night pugsley [cyb0rg_assas1n] and i pounded ourselves into mince-meat and held dancefloor domination. when we walked outside steam rose from our bodies. I was offered to dj on halloween so i just might take theat offer. maybe I'll play Bela Lugosi's Dead just for Becky [trashnglam]

saturday after a day of helping my landlord, taking a bit to long of a nap than i should've, i headed straight to j0dis party. i was some sort of ninja. drank. woke up without hangover. if you knew how much i drank you'd be jealous. lets just say 3 SOLO cups full of something.

sunday stayed home and cleaned up the apartment. i made dinner at vikkis and we talked about how much i wanted she and ANDI to DJ locally. when i go to vikkis on sundays it is my de-stressing time.

today i woke up really early and cleaned.

I ran into Rex and Logan at jOdis party. They are great and I don't get to see them enough. Rex demanded that I email him before the weekend was out but alas i have failed, so i'll make it up to him today.

i almost forgot again...

hey... my birthday is tuesday. i remembered it last eek but i though i had at least another half a week. i'm gonna be twenty... two...zero...2....0....

two decades... holy cow... celebrate with me!! YAY!!

here's a solution... these people aren't your friends...get new ones...

get out.

no really i mean it.

get out of my life.

don't stop by don't call. i was born an only child to a single mother. solitude should've been my middle name... instead it's Patrick.
people come and go in life. these things happen. people die. people give birth. people move. people end up not liking each other. just go get other friends, new ones that will like you back for who you are and what you do. you don't have to keep the exact same friends all of your life.
hell i'd be bored out of my mind if that happened. what goes wrong is when you break free they still want a connection to you. if they did you worng once give them another chance. if that doesn't work, break free.

it is very sad when a weaker person must attach to a stronger person just to exsist. very sad.

and so in the revelation of this moment i have decided to expell this list of what i want out of life:

- escape this place and these people
- marry someone [ahem]
- graphically design for a living
- travel
- travel about 3000 miles from here and
apologize to sam
- die happy and full of lifes' joys and sorrows
- own two AUDI TT's one convertible in black, one hardtop in silver
- get rebirthed into a machine and live until
such time as i choose different
- go to the san diego zoo
- eat a bananna

get over yourself people. as a mass you don't really matter. none of us do, there's too many of us. thin out your numbers by leaving.

start by leaving me...
i have no opinions about your high school mentality of "he said she said".

work together or get out of my way.

never take your life that seriously.

And on that note i present kittens singing 'Independant Woman' by Destinys Child.
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whats up herr doktor?

The weekend was filled with excitment.

I have very short hair. VERY SHORT HAIR! My dear mother ambushed me and cut it on Saturday in the hopes that employers will take me seriously. It's just hair, it'll grow back.

I spent the night at my fathers house Friday and Saturday. Sunday we traveled to the SHORT PUMP APPLE STORE IN RICHMOND! Got an FM transmitter from my Uncle. Neat eh? Later that night I stayed at Vikkis' [djgyrl89] house. To tired to drive home. I slept on da comfy comfy couch. Trying to conserve gas so any extra gasoline I can use is needed.

Monday went to COMPUSA to get a new iPod. Long story, go here. While there my accquaintances Josef and David, who both work in the Apple section of the store told me they have Full Time Openings there!! DONE! So I'm taking back my application/resume tomorrow.

I stopped by to see Crystal [porcelain_angel] at her workplace after I had lunch with my Mom but I guess she hadn't been working or maybe she came in at a different time and I missed her. I wanted her to see my frightening short hair before any of my other close proximity friends would see it. Bring back highschool memories of short hair.

16 applications and 2 resumes later and still no luck of being employed. But Monday at COMPUSA was very promising and still is so. I hope I can get all my ducks in a row.

I've been a bit nervous lately about Wil moving here but I'm much more reassured now. I actualy asked her today if she wanted to stay out there until the first of the year so I could have been working for sometime and have a cushion for us enjoy the time when she moves in. I have people I need to pay off and in the last week and a half it has been a cause of alot of stress for me. Unfortunately that is my second thing on list of things to do. #1 is getting that job.

So here's what I decided to do, I told my landlord I would paint the back steps to our building and he could decide what to pay me [$3.00/hr]. Also my stepfather is being nice enough to let me work with him and get some money on the side. I worked with Bill and Donna at the Ntelos Pavillion as a stage hand. There was not enough work. Last [and only] paycheck, lets just say was significnatly below $100. I'm a little angry at Sam's Club for stiffing me on my stock cash out all this time. I figure as long as it's still there it is making money which = me happy.

I've cut down to one meal a day and lucky for me I get a big one every sunday at Vikkis' house when we decompress and watch Carnivale. Occasionally I go have a $2.00 lunch at the cafe at my moms work like the other day. Large portions, low price, something to stick to my ribs. I've been in bed early everynight except for nights when I saw Mike [regnasis] and Jason [guykudo] because of the running around. Willow [willowperson] even called in an order to a local Pizza Hut from Indiana and bought me a pizza a couple of nights ago.

Spent time with Pam [smashingpandora] last Tuesday?

I love you Willow.

I haven't slept in my own bed in a couple of nights...

I want to go home...

I need to go to sleep...

Keep your fingers crossed...
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